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Primarily a gesture model, my poses are guided by an exploration of space, boundaries, and exaggeration of the human form, as well as an exploration of viscerality and emotional vulnerability. One of my favorite things in the world is posing to music that moves me. Available for: *CURRENTLY ON HIATUS* When I’m back, I’ll be available […]


To comply with Zoom’s terms of service regarding nudity, I will be wearing a bikini brief at a minimum. If nudity is a requirement for your artistic needs, other platforms are available. I accept PayPal for payment. I’m also available for in person sessions. Please email me directly at irbychris@aol.com for more information.


I am honored to be affiliated with DCAMC and my wonderful colleagues, including sometimes modeling with them as part of multi-model events such as the monthly Model Extravaganza or creative duo sessions.  I’m dual-vaccinated against COVID and accepting in-person figure/art modeling bookings in the Annapolis/DC/Baltimore area, subject to availability and particulars of the work needed. […]


Now in the third stage of my life, I formally retired about ten years ago and eventually discovered the power of the creative and complementary refuges of photography, yoga, the circus arts, and as a model for artists, videographers, and photographers. I am pleased with what I have accomplished and how I am evolving in […]


I’m also available for one on one and private sessions for individuals or small groups upon request. My sessions are held via Zoom Meetings (clothed sessions) and all of my undraped sessions are held via Google Meet or Jio Meet.  Undraped sessions are at standard rate $20. Sessions held via Zoom are $7 per hour and […]


I regularly offer one session a week with the DCAMC. The dates, times, and session themes vary weekly, however the DCAMC Calendar will always provide the current details of my weekly session schedule. I prefer to host my sessions with Zoom for consistency and reliability. My specialities are portrait and costumed sessions. I do not offer full figure/nude […]


I am available for in-person and online classes, workshops, one-on-one sessions — figure, portrait,costumed. I have a wide variety of costumes, and will supply a link to my Dropbox costume folder for those interested in choosing a costumed session. I am able to host Zoom sessions for those interested in virtual modeling. For those interested […]


As an artist and a model, I enjoy being on both sides of the easel and have very much appreciated the opportunities that the DCAMC has provided me to work with so many wonderful models. We rock! I regularly offer sessions each week, both with the DCAMC and on my own calendar. I prefer to […]


My current availability for sessions is mainly on the weekends or after 5pm during the week. (Updated 9/2022) While I will consider select in-person sessions, there are still safety protocols required for these. My online modeling is done through the video conference app Zoom. (I can use other platforms, but Zoom is the one I […]