Model Extravaganza

Looking for an opportunity to check out the DCAMC models in one session? We pose ‘together’ virtually in this online life-drawing event, the 2nd Saturday of every month!

This gallery features art from our 3rd Model Extravaganza by Jackie Saunders, CinCin Fang, and Paul Dobbins.

These 2nd Saturday events are the perfect opportunity for anyone new to online drawing or interested in meeting our models!

With each model taking a 20 minute turn to pose, we will start with a few quick gestures and settle into 20 minute poses for the rest of the 3 hours.

There will be short breaks spaced throughout to allow attending artists time to step away from the screen without missing out on posing time.

When a model is posing, they will be spotlighted within the Zoom session.

“The Model Extravaganza was wonderful and very professionally done. The 3 hours flew by. Each model struck beautiful poses and held them remarkably well; it was easy to forget I was watching them through live-streamed video.”


To attend we offer two ticket options

Our recommended fee of $20 per attendee.

This being a group event, hosted in collaboration with WSS, We ‘split the pot’ from each event. Because many have asked us how to support the collective further, we do accept donations beyond the recommended ticket amount. You can make such a contribution via the ‘donation’ option. Or you may reach out to the admin team to make more specific arrangements via:

A donation / pay-what-you-can option.

We understand that money and opportunities in general are very tight right now. We welcome any amount if $20 is beyond what you can comfortably offer. We hope that this enables students and anyone else not normally able to join our sessions throughout the week/ month to be able to join in and have a chance to draw.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have:

We can’t wait for you to join us!