Most of you know me as Sheba, I also model as Blueriverdream. As both a model and a photographer, I love everything about the creative process. Art modeling and photography are how I express, create, and connect with other people.

I am pleased to offer online art opportunities as a member of the DC Art Model Collective.

*Virtual Sessions*

  • I prefer to host my sessions with Zoom for consistency and reliability.
  • For most sessions advertised as figure, I will be clothed in skin toned dance wear, to comply with Zoom’s terms of service regarding nudity.
  • If nudity is a priority for your model needs, I do have an allowance on my account granted by Zoom to host such content. However, per my agreement with Zoom, I MUST be hosting the session and all promotional literature for the class or event must clarify both an artistic and educational context for the drawing session.
  • You can register for all of the drawing sessions that I host via Eventbrite.
  • Beyond any publicly advertised virtual open sessions, I am available for private 1-on-1 sessions or for small groups at specially requested times for $25/hr.

Email me directly at for more information or to inquire about a virtual session.

*Reference Materials*

  • I am able to offer short pre-recorded pose videos for classroom or personal study.

If you have a personal project in the works or specific class needs I am able to create custom photo sets for reference to work from.