Ciao I’m Shadiyah! I’m a native Washingtonian and a professional model and dancer of over 4 decades. Art is in my dna and it brings me great joy to collaborate with artists on diverse and exciting projects from classical to the avant gard.

I am pleased to offer online art opportunities as a member of the DC Art Model Collective.

I regularly offer one session a week with the DCAMC. The dates, times, and session themes vary weekly, however the DCAMC Calendar will always provide the current details of my weekly session schedule.

I prefer to host my sessions with Zoom for consistency and reliability. My specialities are portrait and costumed sessions. I do not offer full figure/nude sessions but a skin tone bodysuit is used to comply with Zoom terms of service. 

I love channeling the masters, decades throughout history, authentic ethnic clothing and textiles from around the world to futuristic themes which just touch on my repertoire. Creativity is ours to embrace!

The payment forms I accept are: PayPal, Venmo and Zelle. Please contact me directly to discuss the details or if you need assistance with any other payment arrangements.

In addition to the DCAMC virtual open sessions, I am available for 1-on-1 virtual sessions, customized boutique sessions, guest appearances, school/academia, drawing groups and more starting at $20/hr.

*Covid19:  I am committed to your safety and mine. Though my main focus at this time is virtual sessions, I will consider outdoor in person, socially distanced, small group events. Inquire for details and pricing.

Photo options: I am happy to offer reference images for my previous virtual sessions. Please inquire about these images, if there was a past session that you were unable to attend or if you attended but would like reference images to resolve work from the session. Options are available for custom reference images too.

Video options: Contact me directly for pre-recorded pose videos for your personal study or classroom. Custom videos are available too.

Email me directly at: for more information on any of my above offerings.

Blessings and gratitude. I look forward to creating art with you!