Hi, I’m Gazelle! I’m a DMV based multi-faceted artist/art model . As part of the creative process, I appreciate exploring and connecting with other creatives, to bring to fruition artistic expressions and visions.

I am pleased to offer virtual and in-person creative opportunities as a member of the DC Art Model Collective.

Sessions with Gazelle

I am currently available for the following modeling opportunities:

~ In-person: Classes, workshops, open sessions, events, 1:1, & customized sessions

~ Online/Virtual: Classes, workshops, open sessions, events, 1:1, & customized sessions

~ Reference Imagery: Available Online & In-person (Customization Option)

In – Person:

  • Due to Covid, I am taking the necessary safety precautions with all in-person bookings. Details discussed during session booking.
  • Nude, clothed, and costumed(see online option below for wardrobe options).
  • Customized private sessions & events


  • You can register for my self hosted virtual sessions through my website
  • I prefer to host my virtual sessions on Zoom for consistency and reliability.
  • Unless otherwise noted, I will be wearing skin-toned undergarments for all ‘Figure’ sessions. If Nudity is a priority for your session, please note that I must host the Zoom session to comply with Zoom’s Artistic and Educational nudity allowance that has been added to my account. This allowance is not applicable if I am joining a session run by a host who does not also have this same allowance on their account.
  • I collect vintage and period costumes/clothes as well as design and sew my own vintage/period inspired clothing. This provides me with varied wardrobe options for Portrait /Costumed sessions with various environment settings.
  • I am available for classes, workshops, events, & 1-on-1 virtual sessions and small group sessions by custom request(time, theme,etc).

Reference Imagery:

  • I can provide reference imagery for figure(nude and clothed)and costumed with a setting.
  • I offer reference imagery for most of my virtual sessions and some in-person sessions.
  • I also offer pre-recorded pose videos for your personal study. Custom option available.
  • Please inquire about reference options if you are seeking material for your class, workshop, or commercial use as the terms and pricing are different. Multiple options available for custom reference images and videos as well.
  • My photo policy has been updated for all in-person modeling: To better provide in-person reference options,all reference images will only be taken by myself/with the assistance of the moderator/instructor. This reference option will only be available from long/repeated pose sessions. Not applicable to short pose/gesture sessions. Imagery will then be available via my website . Individual photography on personal devices(cell phones and cameras) is no longer permitted.

Email me directly at for more information, questions or booking inquiries.