Hello all – Emily (or “Butter”) here.

A little about me: I’m a generally creative person who expresses herself through a variety of outlets, and I’ve found that figure modeling taps into something raw and intensely inspiring for me.

Primarily a gesture model, my poses are guided by an exploration of space, boundaries, and exaggeration of the human form, as well as an exploration of viscerality and emotional vulnerability. One of my favorite things in the world is posing to music that moves me.

Available for: *CURRENTLY ON HIATUS*

When I’m back, I’ll be available for:

•My open sessions  (virtual)

•Your institution’s open sessions  (virtual: ✓ | in-person: ✖️ until further notice)

•Your institution’s closed sessions/classes  (virtual: ✓ | in-person: ✖️ until further notice)

•Your private sessions: individual or group  (virtual: ✓ | in-person: ✖️ until further notice)

•Reference photo sessions  (virtual: ✓ | in-person: possibly; let’s talk covid precautions)

•Reference photos, taken by me: general or custom

Keep in touch:

Email: ebutterfield4@gmail.com

Instagram: @ButterTheArtModel (This is where I show off the work you all make of me. I love to see it all; don’t be shy about sending photos my way!)

Mailing list: subscribe (<link) to hear about upcoming open sessions