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Welcome to DC Art Model Collective

We are a collective of DC Metro local art models currently focused on Virtual and In-Person Modeling resources to encourage, support, and enable safety and best practices for models, artists, and our whole community.

What is the DC Art Model Collective?

The DCAMC is an entirely model-run network of individuals working together to form a cohesive professional standard. Our mission as the DC Art Model Collective is to create a network that connects life models to each other, to the artists that work with us, and to our communities in and around Washington DC. Through fostering awareness for safer work conditions and standardizing business practices, we empower models of any experience level to be part of our professional community.

Our focus is currently to encourage, support, and enable best practices for the safety of models, artists, and our wider communities.

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“If you miss in-person figure drawing sessions, this is a wonderful substitute. The models are experienced and professional. Thank you all for providing these sessions! It’s brought a bit of normalcy back to my artistic life.”


Our latest posts on Instagram, featuring promotional images for some of our sessions, along with artworks shared by artists that attend our virtual drawing offerings throughout the week:
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The DCAMC Calendar

Registering For a Virtual Drawing Session with DCAMC

( please click each box for a drop-down with further information )
Unless otherwise indicated, the sessions listed on DCAMC’s calendar are via Zoom.

It is helpful to download and familiarize yourself with the application ahead of any virtual sessions you are attending.
You do not need a paid subscription to attend our sessions.
On the device you will use to attend our sessions, visit to download the app. You’re all set up!
We’ve found their many online tutorials to be very helpful: Desktop- Windows/Mac Ipad / iOS Android

To be in full compliance with Zoom’s terms of service, in any sessions offered on this platform, unless advertised* as ‘Un-draped,’ the model will be clothed; wearing dance leotards, or other simple coverings.
This means they are safe for all ages, allowing you to work with us comfortably from anywhere no matter who walks by and glances at your screen!

Unless otherwise indicated, the sessions listed on DCAMC’s calendar are via Zoom*.
*Where sessions are specifically advertised as ‘Un-draped’ and offered via Zoom, the models have obtained an allowance from Zoom to be able to safely host these sessions as Educational and Artistic offerings.*
By attending these sessions you acknowledge that you are over the age of 18, that attending such events are legal where you live, and that you attend our sessions solely to produce art in an educational setting.    
Where utilizing Zoom is not an option, our sessions will be offered via an alternate video platform.

Take a look at our Calendar of open virtual sessions.

It is displayed directly above, or you can visit this link :
In addition to any DCAMC partnered sessions, our models may pose for sessions in partnership with other groups each week. When available, they will be listed here as well.
If you don’t find a time or session type that works for you, feel free to reach out to individual models as they may be able to offer you a private drawing session or drawing opportunities not featured on our calendar.

You will need to sign up individually with each model and handle payment arrangements with them directly.

The individual session formats will vary so please check with each model as they will be setting their own pose arrangements.
As not all of our models will be on the schedule each week, we recommend that you reach out to models directly to check their availability.
They may have online drawing opportunities they can offer, not featured on our calendar.

Contact the model via the email address they provide.

When you contact the model, be sure to let them know: 
a) What name to look for payment from (often payments are not sent with your commonly used name, or accounts are shared with another family member) 
b) What method of payment you intend to use (some of our models accept payment via multiple services)
c) What email address to send the Zoom link and relevant session information to.
Adding the model’s email address to your email connected address book will help to ensure that any future messages from the model do not get filtered to another part of your inbox or to spam. 

The general cutoff time for registration is one hour prior to each session.

Some models may set a cutoff time that is further out as per their planning needs.

This allows models adequate time to prepare for their sessions and to start promptly. If you register or send payment after the cut-off time, the model may not be able to see this as they are using this time to get ready for the session.

If a session has been cancelled due to low attendance, the calendar will reflect this. Please double check the calendar before attempting to register for a session.

The model will send the Zoom link to all attendees that have Registered and Paid by the registration cut-off time.

We request that models send the Zoom session links within one hour prior to the scheduled virtual drawing session.
If you have not heard from the model by that time, please check in with them as the payment may not have been processed.

Questions About Cancellations:

If a session is cancelled for any reason, where will the announcement be?

If a session has been cancelled due to low attendance, the calendar will reflect this. Please double check the calendar before contacting the model.


Is there a minimum number of attendees to hold a session?

If there are 2 or less attendees paid and registered by the advertised registration cut off the model may decide not to hold the session. Unless the model has stated otherwise, this is generally an hour before the session start time.


What if I paid for a session and the model cancels due to low attendance or any other reason?

We encourage our models to only book a session if they can commit to it. However, we do not expect them to hold a session if there’s low or no attendees. We also understand that emergencies happen and our models may need to cancel a session to take care of a personal issue.
In this case, any registered and paid attendees will be contacted regarding being credited the paid amount towards a future session.  


What if I have paid for a session and something came up last minute that prevents me from attending?

If you have paid for a session but are unable to attend, please let the model know. If you ask, they will be happy to credit your paid amount towards a future session with them. In some cases, the model may have a screen shot or 2 to share with you from the missed session. You may inquire about this as an option in lieu of a future session. To mitigate transaction fees for both artists and models, and keep our rates as low as possible, we encourage our models to offer credit towards a future session with them, rather than a refund.


I’ve changed my mind about attending a session I’ve already paid for. I would like to support another DCAMC model instead. Can the model I registered with transfer the fees to another model?

We cannot transfer payments to another model, nor can we accept payments for another model’s session.


There’s something else I would like clarification on, how can I get in touch with the admin team?

If you have any questions, please contact the admin team via: